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Mainstream Media Frightened by the XXX Frenzy!

Oh boy,

University of Texas in an attempt to protect their name purchased several .XXX related websites.  Those include TexasSports.XXX and TexasBoxOffice.XXX, while blocking HookemHorns.XXX and TheUniversityofTexas.XXX.

One would have to question by ICM Registry selling these domain names at $100 plus, PER YEAR, to thousands and thousands is simply a “scare tactic”.

I mean… what if I were to purchase HookemHorny.XXX and U of T found out?  Could I extort them for 10X, 100X, 1000X that simply to not develop it?

Food for thought either way.

Way to go Stuart Lawley :(

There’s Gold in Them There Hills

Stuart Lawley on foxbusiness talking about and with the interviewer, Liz Claman.  Ms. Claman jokes and laughs about paying up to $500,000 for a site like and even goes on to say that she reserved her own name, to protect from cybersquatting.

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Manwin and MSN Aired Live

Manwin apparently discusses live with CNBC its pending lawsuit against ICM Registry over XXX websites.

Footage will be posted when available.

Manwin in the News!

The Manwin Lawsuit

On November 16 2011 Manwin Licensing International, a company that operates several popular adult websites including “YouPorn”, filed a request for a 2nd ICANN Independent Review Proceeding. In the request Manwin asks that the .xxx delegation be voided, or, if not, put up to competition on renewal.

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Hello Porn World!

The ICANN / ICM History to the Approval of .XXX Websites

Today is a pretty big day in the history of online porn.  That is because today for the first time ever .XXX sTLD websites are ready for reserve to the open public.  There is so much debate over this so just sit back, bookmark this site, and follow the progression step by step.

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